Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Smile!

So we've completed our move to South Bend, and our internet is not fully functional yet (grrrr to you Earthlink!) but we do have dial-up, and I have to share this cute picture with you. Little Leo is smiling at us on a daily basis, and I got some cute video of him wiggling and cooing, but that will have to wait until the DSL is up and running. We're settling into the new house, and slowly unpacking. Leo seems to like it just fine so far, and in fact loves the window right next to his changing table. We're off to his first social venture this weekend (a friend's wedding) down in St Louis, which should make for an interesting road trip. Cross your fingers for us that we survive it!


rinkoprhyn said...

How cute! He looks like such a happy baby. Send pictures of the nursery when you get it set up. No pressure because I know you have a lot to do.

Victor said...

Awww - love little Leo smiles!