Sunday, September 25, 2011

Trains and crawling

Not sure how I managed to have such a long lapse in posting.  You know how sometimes when your schedule is wide open it's even easier to procrastinate?  I have that problem.  I get more done when I have less time.  And we've had all sorts of time on our hands.
In a nutshell, we have relocated up to Chicagoland, and are currently staying with Byron's parents in the burbs.  Byron's still job hunting (had a good phone interview with one company and a couple really solid leads elsewhere, but no offers yet).  Mikaela turned 6 months old this week (!) and is working really hard at crawling (!!!).  I mean it's great, but wow.  Not really ready for it.  Kinda thought we'd be all settled in somewhere by the time we had to deal with stage 1 babyproofing again. In the last two weeks, she's progressed from just pushing up with her arms, to getting her belly all the way off the floor, to getting up on her knees, to rocking back and forth on her hands and knees, then skootching backward, to now getting a little forward momentum.  I think we're just weeks away from genuine crawling.  I don't remember exactly when Leo started crawling, but I'm pretty sure she's ahead of him.
We've also started feeding her a little solid food, which she is taking to with mixed results.  First feed - great.  Grabbed the spoon and shoved it into her own mouth and devoured it.  Next few times, most of it got spit right back out.  Meh.  We'll keep working on it.
And she's still a pretty happy little girl.  Lots of smiles for everyone, she laughs hysterically quite often (at a sneezing cat, her brother doing all sorts of things, and Daddy making silly faces).  If we were settled I'd be starting to work on transitioning her into a crib (and out of my bed) but that's hard to do in a temporary space where you don't want to wake the whole house up.  Oh and where you don't have a spare crib.  :)

Leo has developed a real obsession for Thomas the Tank Engine, so his days are largely stuffed with trains train trains trains.  Which would be OK if he didn't often insist that we play trains with him.  You can only sit on the floor playing trains for so long before you never want to see a train again.

Overall, our lives are still very unsettled and up in the air.  But all things considered, we are coping pretty well.  Things could be worse, but we'll certainly be relieved and excited when Byron gets a job and we can settle somewhere. I'm ready to put our homeless austerity program to an end!

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