Sunday, May 8, 2011

6 Weeks and 2 Years

Little Miss Mikaela is 6 weeks old now, which is hard to believe.  She's proven to be a pretty happy girl so far - sleeps well, eats well, all the usual baby earmarks of excellence.  And just in time for Mother's Day, she has started to smile at us.  She'll smile back at me when she's in the right mood, and I saw her smile up at the animals dangling above her changing table.  I haven't managed to get a picture of it yet, but I'm trying.  She's currently going through the standard newborn acne period - good thing she won't remember us calling her pizza face. 
And she's getting big - at her 1 month check-up she was a few ounces shy of 11 pounds.  And she's a couple inches taller and her head growth is good too, so she's in about the 75th percentile in every category.  Now if only she were happier to hang out with Daddy, everything would be peachy. 

Mister Leo has actually been more of a challenge these days than Mikaela - this kid now has tantrums and meltdowns at the drop of a hat.  Could be his age (turns 2 next week!!!), could be sibling jealousy, could be he is intentionally trying to drive us crazy.  Whatever it is, it's been really challenging to deal with.  He has become especially attached to Daddy (since they do more fun stuff together these days  - both intentionally to give him attention but also as a side effect of nicer weather), so whenever Byron leaves to go to school, Leo gets very upset.  Hopefully this will pass soon, because all his wailing is driving us crazy.  Though I imagine the drama and activity of moving (to an as of yet undetermined location) after graduation means we won't see the end of his emotional roller coaster any time soon.  He's getting more articulate every day, starting to speak in phrases, so maybe he'll at least start using words instead of wails to express whatever the problem is...