Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Daddy Chair

Yes, I've found that Leo's favorite chair is me. the Boppy pillow provides a nice leg rest and he can just lean back on my chest. Comfy for both of us, and daddy's arms get a rest from holding him.

Leo continues to be more and more interested in the things around him - he's even managed to pull the little ring on the musical toy in his play pen to start up the tunes a few times. We're pretty sure it's only partly intentional, but he definitely looks over at it when the music plays.

His hair is getting a little darker day by day too... looks like he's gotten some reddish coloring like I have in my beard, so he may be a blue-eyed, auburn-haired charmer before too much longer!

Other news of the "Yay!" variety - Leo is pretty consistently sleeping very soundly at night, only waking up a few times, and many nights doesn't even require a diaper change. Exciting stuff! Now if we could just get him to nap on his own instead of needing to be in a lap...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Grinning at Dad

grinning at dad, originally uploaded by lisiegrin.

Just took this adorable picture of Leo, and had to share his cuteness right away. Funny that he's smiling at his daddy while wearing a 'Mommy and Me' onesie.....

Just finished a short visit with Gram, who drove over from Chicago to play. We made peach jam, went to the zoo, and enjoyed Leo's antics.

If you're interested in seeing more pictures, I upload all the best of my Leo pics to my Flickr page - many of them make it here to the blog, but not all of them. Here's the link:

Monday, July 13, 2009

The cutest photo ever

So our DSL internet is FINALLY up and running in South Bend, yahoo! And just in time to share this absolutely adorable photo I took of Leo a few days ago, smiling up at the black & white animals I velcroed to the bar above his portable crib. He just loves them, and will smile up at them when we place him in there during the day. Anywho, it's definitely the cutest picture we've taken of him, and might appear on his birth annoucements if we ever get around to sending some out.

Leo had his two month visit with the pediatrician's practice that was recommended to us here today, and is now a whopping 14 pounds 14 ounces. Yeah - that's in the 97th percentile for his age. And he's between the 85th and 90th percentile for his length. Big big boy! The new practice seems good, the doc examined him while he was on my lap, which was really nice. And Leo barely freaked out while getting his shots - just a brief wail then done.

Leo has had quite the social life in the last two weeks - got to meet his cousins Thomas and Elizabeth while at Grandma's in Missouri, then hang out with Grandpa here last weekend. And it looks like Gram is on tap to visit this weekend, and then maybe Grandma will drive up the weekend after! Grandparents everywhere!!!! :) And he just loves it. And so do we.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Smile!

So we've completed our move to South Bend, and our internet is not fully functional yet (grrrr to you Earthlink!) but we do have dial-up, and I have to share this cute picture with you. Little Leo is smiling at us on a daily basis, and I got some cute video of him wiggling and cooing, but that will have to wait until the DSL is up and running. We're settling into the new house, and slowly unpacking. Leo seems to like it just fine so far, and in fact loves the window right next to his changing table. We're off to his first social venture this weekend (a friend's wedding) down in St Louis, which should make for an interesting road trip. Cross your fingers for us that we survive it!