Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Daddy Chair

Yes, I've found that Leo's favorite chair is me. the Boppy pillow provides a nice leg rest and he can just lean back on my chest. Comfy for both of us, and daddy's arms get a rest from holding him.

Leo continues to be more and more interested in the things around him - he's even managed to pull the little ring on the musical toy in his play pen to start up the tunes a few times. We're pretty sure it's only partly intentional, but he definitely looks over at it when the music plays.

His hair is getting a little darker day by day too... looks like he's gotten some reddish coloring like I have in my beard, so he may be a blue-eyed, auburn-haired charmer before too much longer!

Other news of the "Yay!" variety - Leo is pretty consistently sleeping very soundly at night, only waking up a few times, and many nights doesn't even require a diaper change. Exciting stuff! Now if we could just get him to nap on his own instead of needing to be in a lap...

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