Monday, February 1, 2010


Here are some photos of the project I just completed - some felt wall hangings for Leo's room with various animals on them. There are a total of 10 of them, and I have to admit they are pretty cute. I had started these a few months ago, hand sewing them, then set them aside during the hubub of the holidays. Then I bought myself a sewing machine with some of my Christmas gift money, so I did some of the border stitching with that.
In related news, I'm developing product ideas for a small baby products company I'm going to start, which I've named Leozeenyo (modified spelling of the portuguese word Leozinho, which means "little Leo.") These animal hangings (perhaps modified) may be a part of it, along with a few crib mobile ideas I have.
The rest of the pics can be seen on my Flickr page - - along with some other photos of what I've done in Leo's room. It's kind of a weird space upstairs in the former attic space, so the walls are all angled. Once I make a prototype for the mobiles, I'll post some pics of that too.

Some wintertime fun

snow bunny, originally uploaded by Click Click Chick.

January was a pretty snowy month here in South Bend, so we whisked Leo outside for a few cute snow pics. And they were quite fun and successful until Leo got his hands covered in snow, and consequently quite cold. I have a bunch more pics on my Flickr page - - including a few more from outside, plus some other fun ones, including Leo's face after eating pureed beets.
Speaking of beets, Leo is starting to really eat like a champ - he's enjoying beets, beef, carrots, peas, barley, oatmeal, apples, and yogurt right now. Making his food is fun, and since he eats such small quantities we can afford to get him the good organic/free range/grassfed stuff. And he's got chicken livers and ground turkey to look forward to in the near future (thought I think he may have to fight Byron for the chicken livers, personally I say blehg to them). He's become a pretty vigorous eater, eating a full plate of three different items each evening, and usually yogurt with apples during the day.
In other fun news, I've been super crafty lately and have made some cute stuff for Leo's room, plus have an idea for a related small business, but I'll do a separate posting about that shortly.