Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bare Bottom Pics

Christine Sweet, the wife of one of Byron's classmates, is a photographer looking to break into newborn photography.  She took these beautiful pictures of Miss Mikaela last weekend - and I'm really excited to finally share them with you! Here are a few of my faves, check out the entire collection on Flickr:

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Settling In

Our little girl is a week and a half old now, and we're settling into the new normal at home.  Just like her birth was the opposite of Leo's, her adjustment to life outside the womb has been opposite to his.  She is a super sleepy girl - most nights start with a 3 to 4 hour uninterrupted chunk of sleep, with just a few more brief wake-ups the rest of the night.  I can honestly (and surprisingly) say that I feel pretty well rested.  And she is sleeping most of the day still - and can drift off to sleep on her own without nursing.  She doesn't cry much, is happy to lay in her bassinet and look around when awake, and is generally super easy.  It's basically a miracle.  :)  Especially for a second child, we are very appreciative of how easy she is.  Leo actually gets more time and attention from me now than he did the last few months, now that I don't have pregnancy exhaustion and size holding me back. 

While I do love the fact that she is a relaxed, easy baby, I am looking forward to her waking up a bit more soon.  I'm ready to see her smile (while not asleep) and play. 

Leo is taking to her pretty well so far - he tries to help rock her bassinet (but too vigorously), or shove her head back onto my chest when she's already finished breastfeeding.  When she cries he usually says "baby cry" but mostly he just ignores her. 

A funny thing I've noticed is how big Leo seems to me after handling her.  I mean, he's a big toddler, but once you spend a few hours handling a newborn (so light!) then Leo seems enormous.  And heavy.  Very heavy.  But on the other hand, I appreciate it so much more when he can do things like help us dress him.  After dressing a squirming newborn, simple things like Leo helping to push his arms into the sleeves of a shirt are much appreciated.  And a silent newborn makes his happy (and effusive) speech even more enjoyable.  Each of them makes me appreciate the other all the more.

I'm sure we'll have plenty of challenging days ahead, sleepless nights and sibling fights, but for the moment, things are blissfully easier than expected.  Now please excuse me while I go knock on wood.

I'll keep posting pics on Flickr: