Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"That way, o-tay"

These are Leo's new favorite words.  Yes, he has become a chatterbox.  We understand most of what he says, though some of it still sounds like Russian gibberish.  He has started to say "otay" at the end of every request, as if he's learned that that's the word we use to say yes, so if he says it then his request will be approved.  It's pretty cute.  He repeats EVERYTHING we say, which means Mommy has to be very careful what she says sometimes...

Last week, Byron and I were wondering when imagination begins to flourish in a child, and I can now positively state that Leo has hit that stage.  We're at my mom's house right now, and she picked up a little kitchen play set for him (which he totally totally loves).  He has spent hours playing with all the parts of the kitchen, particularly a blender which he then brings around to pour us drinks.  One strawberry daiquiri please! But his favorite part of the kitchen is a little plastic phone.  He'll hold it up to his ear and walk around having conversations with imaginary people.  The other day he was walking around saying "Hi......love you too.....bye bye."  Repeatedly.  It was pretty awesome. 

Speaking of my mom's - we are here in lovely Potosi Missouri for a bit while Byron continues the job hunt.  He graduated from the Notre Dame MBA program at the end of May.  We spent two weeks in Chicago at Byron's parents house, and after here we might head down to Florida.  Who knows.  Leo is enjoying all the attention from family, and we are enjoying the generosity of meals and a place to sleep. :) 

As for little Miss Mikaela, she is getting big in a rush (she's already 14 pounds! and almost 13 weeks old!) and she rolled over for the first time last week.  She smiles alot, "agoo"s and "aga"s alot, and is already starting into the pre-teething drool stage.  Nothing more fun than having two children who drool alot.  She's continuing to be a great sleeper, thank god.  Now if she'd stop leaking through her clothes several times a day, life would be peachy!  She's even starting to find her own thumb every once in a while, which is a fantastic development for a child that has no interest in a pacifier.

Gotta go, Leo says we have to "go that way otay!", wherever that way is.....