Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Leo!!!

Yes - Leo turned one today! And celebrated by enjoying his new backyard swing (and he loves that thing), and destroying the rest of his birthday party cupcake. And I do mean destroy - I'll need to vacuum tomorrow.
So hard to believe he's turning 1 - I can still remember what it was like to have a life before he was born! But it's hard to remember a time before his sweet smile. Yeah, he can be alot of work, but he's incredibly sweet and an all-around happy little guy. Not to mention that he is now sleeping though the night, which gives him bonus 'good baby' points. I'm not the kind of girl that's frequently driven to sentimentality, but it's hard not to get all sweet and sappy over him on this milestone. Three cheers to all of us for surviving his first year, and looking forward to many more to come! We love him more than we ever expected, and he brings us more joy than we thought was possible.

If you want more pictures of the handsome man, they're up on my flickr page, see the link below.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Birthday Party!

Birthday Party Weekend, originally uploaded by Click Click Chick.

Leo's big #1 birthday is approaching, so we had a little birthday party for him on Friday before all of Byron's classmates head out of town for the summer. The house was packed (cold and rainy weather, so the planned garden party idea was nixed), many delicious homemade treats were enjoyed (gourmet burger bar, homemade ice cream sandwiches) and Leo even got his own giant cupcake. Which he actually seemed a little confused by....but I guess if you've never had icing before, it can be confusing. Also his Kern grandparents came to visit from Chicago for the weekend, and he got a bunch of new toys - a Radio Flyer wagon, a push-around buggy, a tree swing in the back yard, baby Legos, trucks... all sort of super cool stuff! We'll put up an official birthday photo on his actual birthday, the 13th. Check out the rest of the birthday pics on my Flickr page: