Monday, February 1, 2010


Here are some photos of the project I just completed - some felt wall hangings for Leo's room with various animals on them. There are a total of 10 of them, and I have to admit they are pretty cute. I had started these a few months ago, hand sewing them, then set them aside during the hubub of the holidays. Then I bought myself a sewing machine with some of my Christmas gift money, so I did some of the border stitching with that.
In related news, I'm developing product ideas for a small baby products company I'm going to start, which I've named Leozeenyo (modified spelling of the portuguese word Leozinho, which means "little Leo.") These animal hangings (perhaps modified) may be a part of it, along with a few crib mobile ideas I have.
The rest of the pics can be seen on my Flickr page - - along with some other photos of what I've done in Leo's room. It's kind of a weird space upstairs in the former attic space, so the walls are all angled. Once I make a prototype for the mobiles, I'll post some pics of that too.


Victor said...

sooooo cute! I love his room!


Rachel said...

Super cute, super crafty. Super not me. Good thing I have friends that can do cute, crafty things!