Monday, March 1, 2010

9 Months Old!

Well time keeps on moving forward (despite the occasional feeling otherwise), and our little Leo is now 9 months old. We had his 9 month checkup last week, and can report that he is now 24 and a half pounds, and is maintaining a head size in the 90th percentile. His weight and height have (thankfully) dropped from the 90th percentile down into about the 70th-75th percentile, otherwise I wouldn't be able to hold this kid for more than a few minutes. And his bottom two teeth been in for a while, with his top two joining the party in just the last week.

And he had been pseudo-crawling for the last month or so - he could move forward mostly by shimmying along on his belly. Now in the last week or two, he's really crawling with his tummy off the ground, and can really cover some distance in the 30 seconds I leave him alone to use the bathroom. In fact now he crawls to find me in the bathroom each time. Guess it's time to kiss privacy goodbye, eh?

And the coolest thing is that in the last few days he's really started to pull himself up on anything at a good height once he crawls over. And if you hold his hands while he's standing up and walk with him, he's pretty good at stepping along with you. I imagine it will be at least a couple of months before he's really cruising around and walking on his own, but it's cool to start to see a glimpse of that skill now. So the babyproofing continues, with more to come I'm sure, as we discover the new and various things he wants to play with that he really shouldn't.

And Leo has now officially outgrown the first of his baby toys. The fantastic exersaucer, which he loved loved loved for so long, now seems to frustrate him because it keeps him in one place. And ditto for his swing, and his jumper to a lesser extent. So we're packing them away, and are in the market for a big activity toy of some variety to take their place. We're happy to take recommendations if anyone has something they would recommend.

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