Sunday, January 25, 2009

Burnin' it up!

Dad here again -
I finally got all of the artwork transferred to the front of the toy chest and have started the woodburning. Certain spots are a real struggle against the wood grain (the little grooves of the grain want to grab the tip of the burner). It's interesting how some parts of the wood are less dense and the burner moves through it very easily and burns a nice, wide line, while other parts are harder and the burner just moves across the surface, not making much of a line. I'm getting better as I go though, so by the time I finish this whole thing maybe I can claim to be semi-skilled. Anyway, here are the recent shots of the box, and one shot of me hard at work (thanks to mom/my photog).


Goddess in Progress said...

Oh Byron, it looks great! What amazing progress.

Byron Kern said...

Thanks! It's kinda funny that transferring the artwork took WAY longer than the burning is taking. (It takes some solid pressure to get a good transfer from the carbon paper, so I have to press pretty hard and my hand cramps up after a while)

I should be done with the 1st side entirely by the end of the week, and then I go back to the computer to start side 2!