Thursday, December 4, 2008

Catching my breath again.

So last week was pretty busy, what with family visiting for Thanksgiving (hi Mom!) and my 16 week appointment with the midwives. I popped that video up there but didn't have time to say anything about. But here I find myself, late in the workday on a Thursday, with nothing left to work on but waiting for a (really exciting) report to generate before I can leave work.... so it's blog time!
The appointment last week was the day before Thanksgiving, which was perhaps not the best time for such things. Everybody else in a 10 mile radius with a growing fruit in their belly was also there to be seen before the holiday, so I had to wait almost 45 minutes for my appointment. Which was a real joy, I must say. Actually it wasn't that bad, a few people had little kids there with them, and you could see the expressions playing across the rest of the womens' faces as the kids alternated between good behavior and utter terrorism. The visible reactions of "awe that's sooo cute I can't wait until I have mine" were then followed by "Oh my God if my child ever does that they are going to a Swiss boarding school."
But once I made it past the patience test, I got to hear his/her heartbeat again, and right away. No hiding this time - as you can hear the beats came through loud and clear. The midwife even said it sounded happy. Yeah, sure....
In other misadventures, I bought a body pillow for extra comfiness when sleeping on my side. And then, as Byron said, wielded it like an American Gladiator as I was struggling to get it into bed with me. That sucker is huge. Luckily nothing broke. And despite the fact that it now seems like there's a third body in bed with us, it helps me sleep better and only wake up a half dozen times each night, instead of a full dozen. And as an added bonus, allows the cat to think he is walking on top of one of us while we are lying down, without inflicting the annoyance of his 15 pound weight balanced on two paws on our chests. It's a real win-win I think.


Anonymous said...

Are you guys going to find out what the baby's sex is in your next appointment. Do you guys have names picked out yet?


Corinne said...

How is the baby growing going? I can't wait to meet the little Kernal!