Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Baby Byron and Baby Elise

After a conversation with friends about whom Leo looked most like, I decided it would be fun to post some baby pictures of Byron and I and see what everyone thinks. I thought he looked more like Byron until I found this picture of myself, at about a year old (and look how blond my hair is!). Kinda reassuring to see that I had no eyebrows to speak of either when I was a baby. No idea how old Byron is in his picture.

Leo is now 5 months old, and currently enjoying the make-loud-screechy-noise-for-no-reason phase. It's pretty cute, though occasionally very very loud. Sometimes it feels like we're living with a terodactyle. Or a howler monkey. But a cute cuddly one.


Marie HG said...

So hard to say - he's such a good combination of both of you, that I'd have to say he looks most like...Bylise!

MAGS said...

In My opinion....based on these pics- He has Bryon's nose and Elise's eyes and mouth...But i would agree with Marie! Bylise! awesome.

Rachel said...

He's adorable as he looks like a perfect blend of you both. (But, if I had to be pushed, I think that he looks more like you, Lisie.) ;)