Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Three Weeks Old!

Hard to believe, but he's three weeks old today. Hooray! He's started to be a bit more awake during the day (and kinda fussy in the evening) then sleeping longer stretches at night (four hours for a stretch last night) which is nice. I mean, the fussing in the evening is not so nice, but the longer sleeping is good. Other than that, he's currently enjoying some baby acne, which is apparently quite common at this stage. He looks like a little teenager.
We're taking him out for little walks almost every day, mostly for our own sanity. He generally falls fast asleep about 30 seconds into any outing, from the motion. Which is fine with us! The other day we went out to the lakefront at Montrose Harbor, and walked out on the pier. Handsome Mr. Leo got to don his brand new hat, and looked very cute in it.
He also continues to smile in his sleep occasionally, which is frankly the cutest thing I think I have ever seen.
Developmentally, he seems to be ahead of the curve with his hands - he keeps them open much of the time, which apparently is not common until the third month. And he's gaining more and more neck/head control, which is great. He's definitely growing, and is already giving daddy back pain - more of that to come I'm sure!

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Elizabeth Gomm said...

Belated congratulations, I've enjoyed reading your blog. I just became an Aunty last week, my niece didn't quite match Leo's 9lb 5oz but had a pretty good go at it - 9lb 2.5oz. Seems like everybody's having babies right now.