Tuesday, October 21, 2008

11 Weeks....

And the charming fruit analogies return! Hooray! According to WebMD, it's now the size of a large lime. Is it wrong that my first reaction upon reading the word 'lime' was "mmmm, a Caipirinha would be delicious right now..." (for you heathens, a Caipirinha is a yummy Brazilian rum/lime adult beverage). But I digress - the shrimp is now a lime. Good stuff.
In other delightful news, the morning sickness is vanishing quickly. I'm getting headaches a bit more frequently again, but that is just as likely to be caused by the stupid spreadsheets I spend my days tinkering with...
So I decided recently that the wise course of action when it comes to maternity clothes is to buy them before you need them. But this theory is complicated by my resistance to going into a maternity wear store until I look pregnant. Not sure why, but some part of me feels like a complete fraud walking in there looking normal. As if they would summarily kick me out of the store for having the audacity to enter sans-belly. My rational mind clearly understands this is total crap. But, the hesitation remains. So the only safe zone is the maternity section of a department store. Which I ventured into, for the first time, on Sunday.
What I hadn't really taken into consideration until then was the extraordinary ability of maternity clothes to make you look really pregnant. Five seconds after putting on one of the poofy-waisted tops, I was convinced I had somehow skipped to month 5 of this pregnancy. Which, frankly, is not a look that I happen to covet just yet. So I picked out a few things, but I think it's going to be a while before I wear them in public.

Stay tuned for our next episode, when Elise tells her boss(es) about the baby, and of course, updates her Facebook profile with the news.


chicagogirlygirl.com said...

Hey Mama,
I will be looking for African maternity clothes for you:)

Miss you two!

Rebecca said...

Congrats!!! And when you have the baby and I can make it up there to see you we will make our own Caipirinha! They are delicious! Miss You! Rebecca